Robert B. ThornMary McFarland (McPartland)Richard MullinEllen Egan

Robert J. ThornElla Louise Mullin

Robert Joseph Thorne

f a m i l y
Children with:
Anna Coughlin Lineberry

John Joseph (Jack) Thorne
William Thorne
James Thorne
Francis Mary Thorne

Mary Ella Thorne
Roberta Thorne
James Thorne
Robert Joseph Thorne
  • Born: 19 Apr 1873, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
  • Married 19 Oct 1927 to Anna Coughlin Lineberry
  • Died: 1 Sep 1959
  • Occupation: born 18 Apr 1877?
  • Reference: John Arthur Thorne (1938)

    pict88.jpg [137x193]
    Robert & Anna
    Robert & Anna at their home in Muirland, Detroit, ~1950
    William, Robert, Ella, & JJ (1890s)
    Michigan Cabin, in the first image Robert is 2nd from the right & Jack 2nd from left.

    John Arthur Thorne writes:
    I believe the picture of Uncle Robb and Aunt Ann is at their home on Muirland St., just off McNichols (aka Six Mile) in Detroit. I remember visiting them there as a youngster. (I was baptized about 2 blocks from their house at Gesu Catholic Church on McNichols.) Aunt Ann was a real model, always fashionably dressed. Uncle Robb CO-owned the Big Creek Club with J.J. (Pop) in the early years; and was my Dad's Business partner (yup - Thorne Electric in Detroit) from Dad's U of M graduation (in 1936) until he went on active duty (1941). We never went back to Detroit after the "big" WW 2 finale. And, that's the rest of the story!

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