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Children with:
Anne Smart

Robert B. Thorn
Robert Thorne
  • Born: 30 Jul 1786, Stoke Wake, Dorset, England (14 July?)
  • Married 30 Jul 1818, Stoke Wake, Dorset, England, to Anne Smart
  • Died: 3 Feb 1867, Weston, York County, Ontario
  • Reference:

    Honour (~1819-)
    Grace (~1821-1901)
    Eliza (~1823-)
    Anne (~1825-)
    Robert (~1827-1856)
    Selina (~1829-)
    Thomas 1830-1889

    Descendents of Thomas:
    THOMAS born July 4, 1830, Weston, Ontario, Canada, m. BANKER, Rachel, and died February 17, 1889 at Hilton Beach, Ontario, Canada
    William Thomas 1857-1918
    Harriet Ann 1859-1879
    Rachel Anis 1861-
    Robert Edgerton 1863-1938
    Letticia Angelina 1866-1935
    GEORGE ABLE 1868-1941
    Herbert T. b & d 1870
    Alfred Henry 1871-1890
    Leddia Adelia 1873-1950
    Milton Elias 1875-1951

    Next generation:
    GEORGE ABLE b January 20, 1868, York County, Ontario Canada, died January 4, 1941, Pickford Township, Chippewa County, Michigan
    married Emily LA FORGE
    Rachel M.
    George G.
    Ellen J.
    Ethel H.
    William T.
    Grace Lois

    George A. Thorn/e b. Jan 2, 1866 d. Jan 4, 1941 married Emma/Emily LeForge/LaFave in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - unknown date. She was b. Dec 15 1869/70 d. Mar 10, 1949. I've been told that George A. was born in Elmsville, New Brunswick, Canada, but I've found a real block in proving/disproving this. Also told that George A.'s line is from Wales. George and Emma/Emily settled in a little town called Pickford, Michigan - 20 miles from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (across the International Bridge to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Anyone have any info on this family and/or it's origin in Ontario?
    Children of this marriage are:

    1. Rachel May Thorn/e Aug 22, 1887 d. Sep 6, 1947;
    2. Geroge James Thorn/e b. Mar 8, 1889 d. May 12, 1945 m. Rose/Rosella Belanger/Belonga. They had Floyd, Clara, Dorothy and Althea. I believe there may be one more.
    3. Lawrence Richard Thorn/e b. ____1891 d. ____ 1891;
    4. Ella Jane Thorn/e b. Mar 5, 1893 d. ?;
    5. Emily Hanna Thorn/e b. Jan 17, 1898 d. Mar 29, 1973;
    6. William Percy Thorn/e b. June 6, 1901 d. June 22, 1970;
    7. Ethel Grace Thorn/e b. April 20, 1903 d. May __, 1969;
    8. Levi Thorn/e b. Sep 16, 1905 d. Dec 28, 1974;
    9. Eva Thorn/e b. Jun 12, 1906 d. Jun 12, 1906;
    10. Mary Thorn/e b. Jan 23, 1909 d. Jan 24, 1909;
    11. Monetta Thorn/e b. Feb 16, 1911 d. Feb 17, 1911.

    George A. and my husband's grandfather were brothers. The Bible I referred to was the Bible of Thomas and Rachel Thorne, the parents of George A. and Milton Elias (my husband's grandfather. Only births of the children of Thomas and Rachel were in the Bible and one death of a daughter. I do not have very much information on George's family. However, I did get a little bit from a granddaughter many years ago. I do not know where she is now as she and her husband retired. I think they moved back to Pickford where George lived. George died 4 January,1941 at Pickford. The date is faint but I think it says Feb/Mar. 10, 1949 for her. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery. I am not sure about her. Sorry but I do not have the dates for any of the children.

    Julie writes:
    Grace married a Raymond JOHNSTON at one point and my (now deceased) father-in-law was a result of that union. I got my information from the granddaughter of George Able THORNE. According to an email, the information came from a family bible of Milton Thorne. Milton was a sibling of my George Able. I got my information from the granddaughter of George Able THORNE (b. 1868 Ontario). George Able is buried in Chippewa County, Michigan. All I have for the Robert in question is that he was Christened January 14, 1827 in Stoke Wake, Dorset England and died January 28, 1856 in York County, Ontario Canada. I don't have any information as to who he married. Did any of the other names match your list? I have a little more information if this is your line. I have some places of death for some of these individuals, as well as some spouses.

    Robert Thorne b July 1786 at Stoke Wake, Dorset, England. Married July 30, 1818 to Ann Smart at Stoke Wake. He died February 3, 1867 at Weston, York County, Ontario, Canada at 80 years, 7 months. Ann Smart b. May 1788 at Stoke Wake, Dorset, England. She died December 24, 1874 at Weston, York County, Ontario, Canada at 86 years, 7 months. Her parents were Robert Smart and Grace Drake.

    CHILDREN: Honour - Christened August 8, 1819 at Stoke Wake. Married November 1837 to Rober Caines in Cobuourg, Ontario, Canada. No other information.

    Grace born March 17, 1821, christened March 25, 1821 at Stoke Wake. Married April 1847 in Vaughen Township, Ontario, Canada to Stephen Fox. She died May 19, 1901 at York Township (?), Ontario, Canada.

    Elizabeth christened March 30, 1823 at Stoke Wake. Married June 12, 1841 to James Phillips in York County, Ontario, Canada.

    Anne christened February 6, 1825 in Stoke Wake - no other information.

    Robert you know. Born Stoke Wake, died York County Ontario.

    Selina christened January 3, 1829 in Stoke Wake. Married April 18, 1846 to William Dollery in York, Ontario, Canada.

    Thomas (The line I'm following) b July 4, 1830 at Ontario, Canada. Married (date unknown) to Rachel Banker and died February 19, 1889 at Hilton Beach, St. Joseph's, Ontario, Canada. Rachel Banker born January 23, 1833 at Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. She died December 20, 1880 at Bruce Mines, Ontario Canada. Both Rachel and Thomas are buried in Union Cemetery on St. Joseph's Island. One of their children (Harriet Ann) is also buried in the same cemetery as Rachel and Thomas. According to the email, Thomas had gotten land on St. Joseph's Island, having moved from Innisfil, Simcoe County, Ontario Canada around August 8, 1878

    John Thorne writes:
    Marriage of Robert Thorne and Anne Smart July 30, 1818 by Thomas Wickham Birch, Rector - Parish of Stokewake in the presence of William Thorne and Grace Yeatman

    I expect that the Machine Breakers Riots of 1830 (or the prevailing conditions in Dorset area at the time of riots) was the incentive for Robert and Anne Thorne to abscond. The two cousins you mentioned (James and Adam), children of William and Elizabeth Thorne, who were exiled to Australia; it will be interesting to follow their progress there. Recall reading about 5 men sentenced to death for sedition; then commuted by Queen Victoria and sent to Australia. All five became very successful. One became a US Civil War general, another Governor in Australia, etc. There was a TV special (History or Discovery channels) about them.

    Some statistical data I have from the Stoke Wake Anglican Church archives (for the James and Adam time frame) are:

    * William Thorne and Elizabeth Fish married 28 December, 1801.

    * Baptism 1802; James, son of William and Elizabeth Thorn, August 29, 1802.

    * Baptism 1804; Richard, son of William and Elizabeth Thorn, April 2, 1804.

    * Baptism 1805; Jenny, daughter of Uriah and Betsy Thorn, March 10, 1805.

    * Baptism 1809; Adam, son of William and Elizabeth Thorn, March 12, 1809.
    Abraham, son of William and Sarah Thorne, May 11, 1809.
    John, son of Uriah and Elizabeth Thorn, Dec. 25, 1809.

    John Thorne writes:
    Our Thorne people left Stoke Wake, Dorset for Ontario, Canada in 1830 (when my gr gr grandfather was 3 yrs. old). They were leaders in the infamous Machine Breakers Rebellion of 1830. Some of Thorne/ Smart family were jailed, some exiled to New South Wales, Australia; and, my (triple great grandfather) Robert Thorne hightailed it for Canada!

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