George RitterBarbara AkermanLeonard HeumannMaggie (Margaret)

William RitterBarbara Heumann

Leona Marie Ritter

f a m i l y
Children with:
John Joseph (Jack) Thorne

Henry Ritter

Paul Thorne
Robert William Thorne
Leona Marie Ritter
  • Born: 2 Aug 1888, Bay City, MI
  • Married 28 Apr 1908 to John Joseph (Jack) Thorne
  • Died: 12 Feb 1954, Bay City, MI
  • Occupation: Central
  • Reference: Sandra Thorne Borgon (1942)

    pict2.jpg [158x193]
    William & Barbara with children Leona & Henry
    Helen DeWaele with Leona & JJ
    The Heumann Women (left)
    Robert (1912) with parents Leona & JJ and grandmother Ella
    Robert William with Leona & grandmother Barbara, 1914

    Sandra Thorne Borgon (1942) writes:
    My grandmother's name was Leona and her grandfather was Leonhard -- so she was in effect, named after him.

    Leona Marie Ritter worked as a "central" which was a phone operator and that's how she met my grandfather, JJ. He was 37 and rich and she was 18.

    Leona was a heavy smoker, it was "quite" the thing to do in the 30's and 40's. She died from severe heart trouble at age 66. I really loved her - she was very nice. She died when I was 11.

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