Family Tree


Here is where you will find information on the branches of my family tree.  There are currently over 1000 names, and while it is possible to combine all trees into one, it would only be applicable to a few people.  Instead, I have broken the tree up into sections to accommodate everyone.






Archambault / Chene



There are areas of the tree I know little about.  If you see any errors or can provide any additional names, dates, information, or would like to provide write-ups on individuals listed in the tree please email me at

I am compiling a contact list of everyone on the tree, so please email me to start a correspondence. 

I am looking for assistance from anyone who will help keep this tree up to date.  As the tree grows it will be harder to keep an accurate record of new family tree members, ones who have passed on, and accurate write-ups & photos of each individual.  I would like people in certain areas of the tree to be responsible for taking care of their branch - emailing me write-ups, corrections, new members, and other information.

If you do not wish to have your name or information displayed on this website, please let me know. 


Files - this section is for family members who would like copies of my files.  The more copies that exist the more likely the information will last centuries, so please, help our tree survive by backing up my files!