Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELEMaria Coleta BRACKE

Emiel Jan Maria DE WAELEJeanne GODDERIS

Frank Oscar Maria DE WAELE

f a m i l y
Arthur Leo Elmar M. DE WAELE
Joost Jozef Maria DE WAELE
Maria Paula Renata DE WAELE
Frank Oscar Maria DE WAELE

Frank de Waele is another great source of information for the de Waele family tree. He compiled a book of the de Waele Family Reunion 2001 in Traverse City, MI which has helped fill in many gaps and added flavor to the family history (many write-ups on this website have more than just names and dates because of Frank's book, which is also a source of many photos seen here). A lot of the history of Charles & Blondina & their children has come from Frank.

Mary Donnelly Smith writes:
Fr. Frank was the one who made the great memorybook of the DeWaeles after the reunion. I would have still been working on it today if that was left up to me to compile such a booklet. Frank put in features that were pretty clever, including the bouquet on the back page, comparing our family members being as diverse in nationality as the different types of flowers, yet all making a beautiful family.

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