Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELEMaria Coleta BRACKE

Ferdinand Jozef M. DE WAELEVrede Irini LELEKOU

Jozef Arthur K.E. DE WAELE

f a m i l y
Children with:
Denise Henriette A.M. VAN HELVOORT

Vrede(Helene)a Maria DE WAELE
Maria Madelieve G. DE WAELE

Christiana Mariella D. DE WAELE
Denise Martine I. (Nienke) DE WAELE
Caroline Madelene W. (Cookie) DE WAELE
Jozef Arthur K.E. DE WAELE
  • Born: 6 MAR 1938, Nijmegen
  • Married to Denise Henriette A.M. VAN HELVOORT
  • Died: 30 JUN 2001, Bühl (Dld)
  • Occupation: Archaeologist

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    After Joseph's father's death Lorraine de Waele & family kept in touch with the European de Waeles through Joseph Arthur. There were some visits from Joseph and Denise to see Lorraine de Waele, and when she and Robert Thorne had their 50th wedding anniversary, Sandra (Thorne) Borgon wrote to the European cousins telling them of the party and asking them to send over a card with a memory written in it. On the day of the party, Joseph called and said he was in Miami and would like to come up for the party. He did so. "It was the first time I had ever met him - my second cousin and we hit it off within two seconds." says Sandra. "He was a riot and I really liked him. So he asked me if we could trade children over the summers and that's what happened." Frank and Sandra Borgon also visited the European cousins in Nijmegen.

    I (Robert Anthony Borgon) remember spending time with Joseph and Denise when they visited my parents (Frank & Sandra Borgon) around 1996. He and I went computer shopping and I laughed the entire trip. He was both an educated and entertaining man who was very easy to connect with.

    Joseph died in an automobile accident in 2001, and he is missed by all de Waeles - American and European.

    Mary Donnelly Smith writes:
    I met Joseph, the 1950's when he came to Michigan to lecture. I was a little kid. Joseph, Sr and his family ended up moving to The Netherlands before WW II. It was hard to get work in Belgium. Anyway, Joseph Jr. grew up and married Denise. I visited them about 3 1/2 years ago (~1999). Joseph Jr showed me around Nijmegen, where they lived for a day. I met his wife Denise, who cooked us a terrific dinner. We drove to Nienke's city and spent a few hours. It was wonderful. The family reunion in Traverse City, Michigan 1.5 years later was an idea that germinated from that visit with Joseph. We started to email each other. It was great fun.

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