Charles (Karel) Leonard DeWaeleBlondina Maria Heuninckx

Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELEMaria Coleta BRACKE

Ferdinand Jozef M. DE WAELE

f a m i l y
Children with:
Vrede Irini LELEKOU

Maria Joanna Cesarina DE WAELE
Emiel Jan Maria DE WAELE
Maria Blondina DE WAELE
Romania Joanna M. DE WAELE
Arthur Leo Maria DE WAELE
Naamloos DE WAELE

Vrede(Helene)a Maria DE WAELE
Jozef Arthur K.E. DE WAELE
Maria Madelieve G. DE WAELE
Ferdinand Jozef M. DE WAELE
  • Born: 18 APR 1896, Sinaai-Waas
  • Married 22 JUL 1933, Athene, to Vrede Irini LELEKOU
  • Died: 3 NOV 1977, Nijmegen
  • Occupation: Archaeologist at Universities of Nijmegen & Ghent

    pict1635.jpg [120x193]
    Photo with family 21/11/1917 (standing, 2nd from right).
    Edgar DeWaele's family
    Arthur, Helen, Emily, & Alice visit their Belgian family (1938)

    Joseph was a brilliant archeologist and did digs all over the world. He met his wife on a dig in Greece. He was offered the archeology chair at American University in Nijmegan, Holland and moved there. The Dutch were looked down upon by the Belgians -- they were thought of as not as classy. Joseph didn't care and so there was a bit of a problem because his family didn't want him to go.

    Lorraine de Waele kept in close touch with Joseph because he would come to American each year in the summer to teach at different universities and would always come to spend some time with her family in Bay City. "He was really nice and I liked him very much", says Sandra Borgon. He could understand maybe 15 -20 languages and fluently spoke at least a dozen.

    Mary Donnelly Smith writes:
    I met Joseph, the 1950's when he came to Michigan to lecture. I was a little kid. Joseph, Sr and his family ended up moving to The Netherlands before WW II. It was hard to get work in Belgium.

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