Charles (Karel) Leonard DeWaeleBlondina Maria Heuninckx

Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELE

f a m i l y
Children with:
Maria Coleta BRACKE

Arthur Nicholas DeWaele
Matilda DeWaele
Josephina (Annie) DeWaele
Agnes Ellen DeWaele
Alfred Louis DeWaele
Emily Maria DeWaele
Henry J. DeWaele
John DeWaele
Emiel Honore Urbaan DeWaele

Maria Joanna Cesarina DE WAELE
Ferdinand Jozef M. DE WAELE
Emiel Jan Maria DE WAELE
Maria Blondina DE WAELE
Romania Joanna M. DE WAELE
Arthur Leo Maria DE WAELE
Naamloos DE WAELE
Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELE
  • Born: 29 Apr 1866, Sinaai-Waas
  • Married 20 JUN 1895, Sinaai-Waas, to Maria Coleta BRACKE
  • Died: 27 Mar 1948, Sinaai-Waas
  • Occupation: Baker, Insurance

    pict1612.jpg [127x193]
    Photo with family 21/11/1917 (sitting on right).
    Arthur, Edgar, & Matilda, ~1895
    DeWaele family, 1886
    Edgar DeWaele's family
    Arthur, Helen, Emily, & Alice visit their Belgian family (1938)

    Edgar De Waele & his brother Emiel stayed in Europe (Edgar with with his grandparents Henry de Waele & Amelia Thierens, and Emiel with his grandparents Josephus Heuninck & Coleta Duerinck) when Charles and Blondina came to America. Emiel and Edgar came over in their 20s (Edgar was ~22) to finally meet their brothers and sisters born in American and to see their parents again. They were tiny children the last time they had seen their parents. Emiel decided to stay here and he married an American and lived his life near Bay City -- in Saginaw. Edgar returned to Belgium to marry his girlfriend Maria Brache.

    Edgar worked in a bakery for 2 years in Ottowa. Back in Belgium ~1892 he started a bakery where he worked hard to earn money which put his sons through college. He stopped baking at the age of 55 in 1921 and started an insurance banking office. He was good in reading, counting, writing, and languages. He never returned to the United States, or see his parents again. In 1938 he saw his brother Arthur, sister-in-law Helen, sister Emily, and his niece Alice de Waele.

    Edgar was baptized at Holy Catherina Church in Sinaai in 1866. Burried at at Holy Catherina Church, Sinaai.

    Mary Donnelly Smith writes:
    Edgar DeWaele went back to Belgium after trying to fit into the DeWaele family in Michigan. This happened probably around 1886. His younger (American) brothers teased both Emil and Edgar as they tried to learn to read English. I am sure that that
    alone did not cause Edgar to go back. He had a girlfriend, whom he missed.

    Edgar became a baker and the mayor of Sinaai, Belgium.

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