Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELEMaria Coleta BRACKE

Renatus Alfons Hendrik GASPARMaria Joanna Cesarina DE WAELE

Walter Caesar E.R. GASPAR

f a m i l y
Children with:
Josephina Gertrudis M. HAARS

Veerle Maria R.A. GASPAR
Godelieve Eliza E.M. GASPAR
Karel Jozef J. A. GASPAR
Hedwig Rosalia E.M. GASPAR
Reinhilde Irini Maria L. GASPAR
Roelof Lodewijk J.A. GASPAR
Renaat Jos G.A.A. GASPAR

Emiel Charles Pierre GASPAR
Imelda Bernadette C.M.. GASPAR
Walter Caesar E.R. GASPAR
  • Married to Josephina Gertrudis M. HAARS

    Walter provided the foundation for the DeWaele Family Tree. He initially compiled much of Romanie's work into books on the DeWaele genealogy, and entered much of the data (most names & dates found here) into a computer file & printout which I utilized for this tree. He also provided many photos for Frank DeWaele's reunion book (many of which are used in the tree) and the poem & letter written by Charles.

    Walter originally compiled the tree into three yellow covered booklets (comprised of much of Romanie's work), the principal one containing the family genealogy of 200 pages with photos, "in Memoriam" cards and obituary notices. The second one contained diagrams of parents and grand parents (male and female trees) of Edgar De Waele and Maria Bracke (in Dutch "Kwartierstaat"). The third booklet contained all children up to and including the grand-grand-grand children of Edgar De Waele and Maria Bracke.

    Together with his aunt Romanie's genealogical work, research through 5 letters from Arthur Nicolas DeWaele written to Walter's parents from 1938 to 1939, and the names in the emails from Mary Smith, Walter was able to produce a family tree table. Click here to see a photo of Walter's original tree.

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