Charles (Karel) Leonard DeWaeleBlondina Maria Heuninckx

Henry J. DeWaele

f a m i l y
Children with:
Elisabeth Welcome

Arthur Nicholas DeWaele
Matilda DeWaele
Josephina (Annie) DeWaele
Agnes Ellen DeWaele
Alfred Louis DeWaele
Emily Maria DeWaele
John DeWaele
Emiel Honore Urbaan DeWaele
Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELE

Howard DeWaele
Charles DeWaele
Henry J. DeWaele
  • Born: 13 Aug 1869, La Fayette, Indiana
  • Married to Elisabeth Welcome
  • Died: 5 May 1960, Roscommon, MI
  • Occupation: Ran a Drug Store in Roscommon; Township Supervisor

    pict1287.jpg [130x193]
    Blondina with Henry & Emily, 1927
    Arthur, Alfred, Emily, Henry, Emiel (1930?)
    Alfred, Henry, Arthur, & Emiel
    Henry (wall of Roscommon's County Officials, 1935)
    Photo of Charles & Blondina's house (Blondina, Charles, Henry, Elizabeth) (Sandra Borgon)
    DeWaele family, 1886
    DeWaele family, 1908

    1880 Census (listed as Andrew?)

    It is likely that Blondina was pregnant with Henry de Waele when she left Belgium with Charles in 1869.

    Henry was a county official (supervisor) in Roscommon, MI.

    John Thorne writes:
    Henry was born in 1869 in Lafayette, Indiana, the year Charles and Blondina arrived from Belgium. My grandfather Arthur (4th child born in US after Henry, Emily, and Alfred ) was born in Roscommon in 1876. Charles is recorded as a "justice of the peace" at that time on Arthur's birth registration. I tried to find Henry's birth registration in the Lafayette archives, but no luck there. Then located it in early 1940s Roscommon data base. Apparently Henry needed a birth certificate then for insurance purposes, medical support, whatever; so officially registered his birth at 70 plus years of age!

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