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Charles (Karel) Leonard DeWaele

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Children with:
Blondina Maria Heuninckx

Maria Mathildis Catherina DE WAELE
Emiel Jan DE WAELE
Emilia Maria DE WAELE
Polydoor Isidoor DE WAELE
Prudent Maria DE WAELE

Arthur Nicholas DeWaele
Matilda DeWaele
Josephina (Annie) DeWaele
Agnes Ellen DeWaele
Alfred Louis DeWaele
Emily Maria DeWaele
Henry J. DeWaele
John DeWaele
Emiel Honore Urbaan DeWaele
Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELE
Charles (Karel) Leonard DeWaele
  • Born: 24 Oct 1839, Sinaai
  • Married 25 Oct 1864, Holy Catherina Church, Sinaai, to Blondina Maria Heuninckx
  • Died: 10 Aug 1914, Bay City, MI
  • Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney, Lumber Inspector

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    Newspaper article on Charles
    Poem written by Charles when Matilda died (Walter Gaspar)
    Photo of Charles & Blondina's house (Blondina, Charles, Henry, Elizabeth) (Sandra Borgon)
    Charles in his study (Sue Coscarelly)
    Charles' gravestone
    DeWaele family, 1886
    DeWaele family, 1908

    1880 Census

    In 1869 Charles and Blondina left Sinaai for Rotterdam (Netherlands) where they boarded a ship and came to America. They never returned to Belgium nor see Charles' father Henricus de Waele, who died 6 years later, again.

    By following birth records we know Charles and Blondina started in La Fayette, Indiana (Henry) and moved to Grand Rapids, MI (Emily). They then went to Bay City, MI (Alfred) and next to St. Helen (Arthur). On October 25, 1889 they had their silver marriage in St. Helen. Once Charles became Prosecuting Attorney they lived in Roscommon, MI. This is why most DeWaeles still live in Michigan.

    "Roscommon's Fine Old Man" is the title of a local newspaper article on Charles.

    Charles De Waele (spelled with a capital D) was a pioneer resident of Roscommon county, and was well educated. He was fluent in 7 languages, wrote several books (in different languages) and was a linguist.

    He came to America with only his education, and studied law at St. Helens. He started poor but his untiring energy allowed him to find success, and he owned several farms, store buildings, and residences. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the Northeastern Michigan Development Bureau and helped advance that area of the country.

    Charles was baptized at Holy Catherina Church in Sinaai on 25 October 1864. Buried in old St. Patrick cemetary in Bay City.

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