Helen Archambault

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Children with:
Arthur Nicholas DeWaele

Alice M DeWaele
Paul L DeWaele
Joseph Leo Sr. DeWaele
Arthur N. Jr DeWaele
Lorraine Philomen DeWaele
Helen Archambault
  • Born: 9 Aug 1879, AuGres, MI
  • Married 15 Jun 1905, Bay City, MI, to Arthur Nicholas DeWaele
  • Died: 11 Mar 1949, Bay City, MI
  • Occupation: Nurse

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    Helen's gravestone
    Joseph, Helen, & Delphine Archambault
    Minnie (middle) with unknown child & sisters Helen & Alice
    Arthur, Helen, Emily, & Alice visit their Belgian family (1938)
    Helen & Arthur (color)
    Helen, Delphine, & Alice Archambault
    Helen DeWaele with Leona & JJ
    The twins Sandra & Gary (with Helen & Robert)
    Helen with sister Alice (young)
    DeWaele family, 1908

    Buried in new St. Patrick cemetary, Bay City. Archambault is French in origin. Became a registered nurse in 1913 because they wouldn't train women as doctors.

    Sandra Thorne Borgon (1942) writes:
    Helen (1879-1949) talked very little about her family. Helen was set to marry a man who worked in the lumbermill around 1900. He fell into a tree grinder and was killed. It took her many years to get over it and she was 26 when she married my grandfather which was really old back then to get married - most women did by the time they were 18 or so. Grandmother had wanted to be a doctor but wasn't allowed in any medical colleges because she was a woman, So she became a nurse. Although nursing started some years earlier, she really was one of the first who professionally did this (nursing actually began in the 1870's in American but nurses didn't come together as a profession until the late 1890's so it was really very new when she did it). She ususally worked as a private nurse for wealthy families, living with them to take care of an ill relative. Because of her love of medicine, my mother's brother Paul became a doctor.

    Helen had a weak heart, and her first child Arthur inherited this and died a few days after birth. Son Paul died at 54 of a sudden heart attack. She died from heart failure at 69.

    Helen was very quiet, sweet, and gentle. Spoke fluent French as a child.

    John Arthur Thorne (1938) writes:
    Many relatives of Helen Archambault were the very earliest settlers in the Detroit region. Most lived on the southern shore of the Detroit environs which was called Assumption Sandwich, as well as Coast of the Potowatomies. It is now known as Essex County, Ontario, Canada.

    On May 24, 1938, Arthur (61), his wife Helen (59), sister Emily (66), and daughter Alice (27) visited the family in Europe. They travelled 750 miles from Bay City, MI to Montreal, Canada in their own car. On May 27 at 10am they took a boat to Glasgow, Scotland with their car on the boat. Here they visited Emily's husband's roots (who passed away in December 1933). They stayed one day in Scotland, drove the car to London, then to Dover then over the North Sea to Ostende (Belgium). They visited several countries and saw Arthur's brother Edgar for the first time in 49 years, as well as his wife Marie and their children (including Romanie).

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