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Arthur Nicholas DeWaele

f a m i l y
Children with:
Helen Archambault

Matilda DeWaele
Josephina (Annie) DeWaele
Agnes Ellen DeWaele
Alfred Louis DeWaele
Emily Maria DeWaele
Henry J. DeWaele
John DeWaele
Emiel Honore Urbaan DeWaele
Fidelis Jozef Edgard DE WAELE

Alice M DeWaele
Paul L DeWaele
Joseph Leo Sr. DeWaele
Arthur N. Jr DeWaele
Lorraine Philomen DeWaele
Arthur Nicholas DeWaele
  • Born: 6 Dec 1876, St. Helen, MI
  • Married 15 Jun 1905, Bay City, MI, to Helen Archambault
  • Died: 22 Oct 1949, Bay City, MI
  • Occupation: Cashier for Tierney Brothers, Attorney, Jewler

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    DeWaele family, 1886
    DeWaele family, 1908
    Arthur, Helen, Emily, & Alice visit their Belgian family (1938)
    Arthur's gravestone
    Arthur, Edgar, & Matilda, ~1895
    Arthur, Alfred, Emily, Henry, Emiel (1930?)
    Alfred, Henry, Arthur, & Emiel
    Helen & Arthur (color)

    1880 Census

    Buried in new St. Patrick cemetary, Bay City.

    Best man was Alfred. Ran against each other for judge, Alfred (democrat) won.

    Frank DeWaele (or Walter Gaspar?) writes:
    On May 24, 1938, Arthur (61), his wife Helen (59), sister Emily (66), and daughter Alice (27) visited the family in Europe. They travelled 750 miles from Bay City, MI to Montreal, Canada in their own car. On May 27 at 10am they took a boat to Glasgow, Scotland with their car on the boat. Here they visited Emily's husband's roots (who passed away in December 1933). They stayed one day in Scotland, drove the car to London, then to Dover then over the North Sea to Ostende (Belgium). They visited several countries and saw Arthur's brother Edgar for the first time in 49 years, as well as his wife Marie and their children (including Romanie).

    Sandra Thorne Borgon writes:
    My gandfather Arthur (Lorraine's dad, Helen's husband) was an attorney and then a jeweler. He had his own jewelry store in Bay City for many years. He owned over 100 houses with his partner and during the depression, he would let people live in them free because they had no money. During the depression he had all four of his children in college! Mom (Lorraine DeWaele) always said his middle name (Nicholas) was because Pop was born at Christmas time.

    John Arthur Thorne writes:
    From Birth Records, Roscommon County, Michigan (1874-1972). Arthur Prudent-Marie DeWaele; Dec. 6, 1876; male /white; St. Helens, Roscommon County. Parents: Charles L. and Blondina DeWaele (both born in Belgium). Father's occupation: Justice of the Peace. Date of record 1/1/1879.

    Yup, Arthur's middle name was originally Prudent-Marie, later changed to Nicholas. Roscommon was notoriously tough lumberman country back then. A name like Prudent-Marie would assure you're either fast with your fists or a swift runner!

    Mary Donnelly Smith writes:
    Arthur & Alfred both ran against one another for an election. I think that Arthur and Alfred were running for different offices. They belonged to different parties and could get into heated discussions, but nothing that would be considered serious. I think it was done in exasperation. I think Alfred kicked Arthur out of his home once, though.

    I believe Alfred (possibly democrat) won the election.

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