Giovanni Sebben

Maria (Angelina?) Sebben

f a m i l y
Children with:
Vittorio Borra

Louise M Sebben
Josepina Sebben

Luigi Borra
Angelo Borra
Tony Borra
Maria Borra
Maria (Angelina?) Sebben
  • Married to Vittorio Borra
  • Occupation: housewife
  • Reference: - Maria Borra

    There is record of a Maria Borra coming to America in 1912 with her son Angelo. She lists her father as Giovanni Sebben and husband as Vittorio Borra.

    There is no doubt a link to the Borras listed on Ellis Island (especially with Maria listing her father as a Sebben). In this situation I'm going on the word of my grandmother (Molly Corso Borgon) who said her aunt/uncle/cousins were as listed here in the tree, since I cannot place Maria. I've possibly mixed up Borras and Maria/Vittorio/Angelo may be in a branch of their own, if more than one Sebben married a Borra.

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