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Louis (Luigi) V Corso

f a m i l y
Children with:
Louise M Sebben

Giovanni Corso

Molly Corso
Torcisio (Berg/Bert) Corso
Antone Corso
Katherine Corso
Angelina Corso
Aldo (Dodd) Corso
Louis (Luigi) V Corso
  • Born: 15 Dec 1887, Fonzaso, Italy
  • Married to Louise M Sebben
  • Died: Jul 1966, 1965?
  • Occupation: Coal Miner in Cherry, IL
  • Reference: - Luigi Borso (misspelled) 1914

    pict17.jpg [122x193]
    Louise & Louis Corso
    Louise & Louis Corso (young)

    Louis came to America on November 1, 1914 with his wife and son Torcisio (listed Narcisio on Ellis Island rcords). They had $80 and were heading to box 224 in Ladd, IL where Giovanni Corso lived.

    The family eventually settled in southern Illinois, in a town called Kortkamp/Schram City (near Hillsboro).

    Grave says born 1886.

    SS# 342-10-0672?®ion=-1®ionfriendly=&frompage=99

    Ship Luigi took to America - named America.

    1930 Census:
    192A 44 68-08 8A Corso Aldo G. Son M W 6 Illinois
    192A 42 68-08 8A Corso Amalia Daughter F W 11 Illinois
    192A 43 68-08 8A Corso Angelina Daughter F W 9 Illinois
    192A 40 68-08 8A Corso Antone Son M W 14 Illinois
    192A 41 68-08 8A Corso Katherine M. Daughter F W 13 Illinois
    192A 37 68-08 8A Corso Louis Head M W 43 Italy
    192A 38 68-08 8A Corso Louisa Wife-H F W 41 Italy
    192A 39 68-08 8A Corso Torcisio Son M W 16 Illinois

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