Corso Family Tree





The Corso Name

Corso, Italian for "run" or "course", is a very common name, and hence difficult to research.  We know that the Corsos came from Fonzaso, a small city in the beautiful mountainous region of northeast Italy.  I've actually heard Lee Corso, the ESPN announcer, mention that his family was of Fonzaso as well.




Corso Immigration to America

In November 1906 Luigi Corso came to America to see his uncle Giovi Giacomin (we know Luigi's mother is Angela Giacomin from his 1914 Ellis Island records) in Spring Valley, IL (see settlement map at top of page), Box 58.  A Pietro Borra was listed next on the passenger manifest and was also going to Box 58 in Spring Valley. 


In October 1914 Luigi Corso (listed as Borso), Louisa (written as Louiga in the manifest) Sebben Corso, and Torscisio Corso (Berg/Bert, named Narcisio on passenger manifest) landed in America.  Their final destination was Ladd, IL (see settlement map at top of page) to Giovanni Corso's house, Box 224.  They had $80 on them.  Angelo Giacomin was listed before them on the passenger manifest, but his final destination was not Ladd so it is unclear if he is related.  


In July 1912 Maria Sebben Borra (Louisa's sister) came to America with her son Angelo.  She lists Giovanni Sebben as her father, which is why we are able to place Louisa's father in the tree.  


Each name above can be found at, where an enlarged version of the original ship manifest can be viewed.  



Corso Settlement Map

The Corsos first settled in Northern Illinois, and eventually migrated south to find work in the mines of Hillsboro & Schram City (Kortkamp), where most of the children were born and raised.





Corso Pictures

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Louise Corso & Amalia Carboni Betoche (Amelia Betoche Borgognoni's mother) at Lake Hillsboro.

Louis & Louise Corso



Berg, Kate, Tony, Ann, Molly, Dodd (1980)

Berg, Molly, Dodd, Tony 


A recent picture of the Borgon family (click to enlarge):

back:  Bob, Heather, Frank, Maryann, Stephanie, Molly, Paul, Denise, Bob, Frank, Ron, Kristin, Todd, Drew

front:  Sandra, Ron, Molly, Jennifer, Melanie



Corso Family Tree


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Much of tree is compiled from data provided by Judy Corso Olson (see sources section).


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Frank & Molly Borgon:  My grandparents formed the foundation of these two trees by telling me every name they could remember, filling in occupations, adding stories, and providing photos.


Judy Corso Olson:  Judy (daughter of Anthony, grandaughter of Luigi/Louisa) compiled a huge family tree of names/dates/spouses/children for each of the children of Louisa & Luigi Corso and mailed me the data.  This saved me months of work, and without her input the Corso tree would be far from what it is now.  She also found Luigi Corso's passenger manifest (he is listed under 'Borso' which is why I was unable to find it).