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Jesse (Babe) Borgognoni
  • Born: 31 May 1925, Mark, IL
  • Died: 1987, San Bernardino, CA

    Jesse lost his right arm in an automobile accident at 16. He was great at baseball and pool. Jesse married 5 or 6 times. Married 5 or 6 times.

    Lived in Scottsdale, in California, north of LA.

    Took a job at a welding shop in Detroit during the war.

    Was found in an open field in San Bernardino, CA on May 10, 1987. His watch was stopped on the date of 24. Buried at Mt. View Cemetery.

    1930 Census:
    10A 2 68-18 1A Borgognoni Amelia Wife-H F W 29 Italy
    10A 1 68-18 1A Borgognoni Ed. Head M W 36 Italy
    10A 3 68-18 1A Borgognoni Frank Son M W 12 Illinois
    10A 6 68-18 1A Borgognoni Jesse Son M W ?+10/12 Illinois
    10A 4 68-18 1A Borgognoni Mary Daughter F W 10 Illinois
    10A 5 68-18 1A Borgognoni Velma Daughter F W 6 Illinois

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