Betoche Carboni

Joe (Giuseppe) BetocheAmalia Carboni

Amelia Betoche

f a m i l y
Children with:
Ettore Borgognoni

Kathryn Betoche
John Lee Betoche
Jesse (Amedeo) Betoche
Louis (Luigi) John Betoche

Frank Borgon
Harold Borgognoni
Jesse (Babe) Borgognoni
Joseph Borgognoni
Velma Borgognoni
Mary Frances Borgognoni
Frank Borgognoni
Amelia Betoche
  • Born: 5 May 1901
  • Married 11 Mar 1916, Mark, IL, to Ettore Borgognoni
  • Died: 1959, Cirrosis of the liver

    pict95.jpg [95x193]
    Amelia & Ettore
    Amelia & Ettore on their wedding day
    Betoche Family (very old photo)
    Betoche Family (old photo):
    Louis, Joe, Amalia, Kate, Joe's father, Amelia, Jesse, John

    Came to America in 1911 (Ladd) at the age of 10. Dark hair/complexion/eyes.

    Eventually settled in Hillsboro, IL (929 Elm St.)

    Burried in Hillsboro, at non-Catholic cemetery by road (west end of Tremont St.)

    The ship Amelia took to America was named La Provence: built in 1906 - torpedoed in the Mediterranean by a German U-boat; 930 lost on February 26, 1916.

    1930 Census:
    10A 2 68-18 1A Borgognoni Amelia Wife-H F W 29 Italy
    10A 1 68-18 1A Borgognoni Ed. Head M W 36 Italy
    10A 3 68-18 1A Borgognoni Frank Son M W 12 Illinois
    10A 6 68-18 1A Borgognoni Jesse Son M W ?+10/12 Illinois
    10A 4 68-18 1A Borgognoni Mary Daughter F W 10 Illinois
    10A 5 68-18 1A Borgognoni Velma Daughter F W 6 Illinois

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