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Ettore Borgognoni

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Children with:
Amelia Betoche

Pietro (Pompea) Borgognoni

Frank Borgon
Harold Borgognoni
Jesse (Babe) Borgognoni
Joseph Borgognoni
Velma Borgognoni
Mary Frances Borgognoni
Frank Borgognoni
Ettore Borgognoni
  • Born: 18 Apr 1895, Castel di Casio, Bologna, Italy
  • Married 11 Mar 1916, Mark, IL, to Amelia Betoche
  • Died: 1960, Cancer?
  • Occupation: Workman (, Coal Miner (Frank Borgon 1917)

    pict94.jpg [157x193]
    Ettore & Amelia
    Ettore & Amelia on their wedding day
    Rochambeau - the ship Ettore took to America
    Photo of Ettore on Conte Biancamano (2nd from left)

    Ettore was born in Bologna but worked in the mines in Africa - Zamina, Meddlani accorinding to the ship log. There exists a Zamina, Zaire. According to his son Frank, Ettore left Bologna for the mines (possibly diamond?) when he was 14. From there he came to America in 1912 when he was 18, where he said he was visiting Pompea Borgognoni in Ladd, IL (PO Box 6-12) (his brother).

    Ettore eventually settled in Hillsboro, IL (929 Elm St.)

    Ettore was a craftsman and a musician, and is said to have been able to build anything and play every instrument without training. His son Frank remembers him playing Stars and Stripes on his trumpet or clarinet late into the night. Although listed at 5'2'' in the log, he was at least 6'2'' - he may have grown after 18. Fair complexion, light hair, brown eyes.
    Grave says born in 1894. Burried in Hillsboro, at non-Catholic cemetery by road (west end of Tremont St.) on the right, grave is just off the road by a small house and some trees that are down a hill.

    Had a workshop where he fixed everything for everyone for free. Used a lathe and powered it with electricity he 'borrowed' from the city line, and had to flip a big switch to shut it off when the inspector would come by. The railroad tracks out the back of his house had a water line that leaked and the city wouldn't fix it, so he piped the water into his yard and used it to water his lawn.

    Had a tree (olive) that he would bury every year to protect it from the cold. He'd tie it down and cover it in dirt. Article in Montgomery News. Other newspaper in Hillsboro called Hillsboro Journal.

    The origins of the Conte Biancamano photo (2nd from left) are unclear. The only 'Conte Biancamano' I can find was built in 1925, which obviously isn't this one. I am unsure where this photo was taken, but there is a Genova, Italy due west of Bologna on the coast, the closest large port city. Since we know Ettore took the Rochambeau to America, this photo was probably taken either 1) when Ettore left Italy for Africa (but he doesn't look 14 in the picture), or 2) Africa to Le Havre, France, possibly with a stop in Genova, or just to France on this Italian liner.

    1930 Census:
    10A 2 68-18 1A Borgognoni Amelia Wife-H F W 29 Italy
    10A 1 68-18 1A Borgognoni Ed. Head M W 36 Italy
    10A 3 68-18 1A Borgognoni Frank Son M W 12 Illinois
    10A 6 68-18 1A Borgognoni Jesse Son M W ?+10/12 Illinois
    10A 4 68-18 1A Borgognoni Mary Daughter F W 10 Illinois
    10A 5 68-18 1A Borgognoni Velma Daughter F W 6 Illinois

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