Delores Carolyn Harkey

f a m i l y
Children with:
Louis (Luigi) John Betoche

Dorthy (Tootie) Betoche
Peggy Betoche
Don Betoche
Rosemary (Picky) Betoche
Delores Carolyn Harkey
  • Born: 19 Sep 1903, Hillsboro, IL
  • Married 3 Dec 1923 to Louis (Luigi) John Betoche
  • Died: 15 Dec 1985, Hillsboro, IL

    pict176.jpg [140x193]
    Bettocchi Family
    Bettocchi Family photo:
    (back row) Frank Borgon, Amalia Bettocchi (Joe's wife), Kate Bettocchi, Joe Bettocchi, Louis Bettocchi, and his wife Delores Harkey
    (front row) Jesse Bettocchi, John Bettocchi, Louis & Delores' children Dorthy (Tootie) and Rosemary (Picky)

    Delores is most likely related to Solomon Harkey who settled in Hillsboro in 1831. He built a house in 1834 that still stands today, and is the oldest building in the city. Find more info here:

    See photos here:

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