Amalia Carboni

f a m i l y
Children with:
Joe (Giuseppe) Betoche

Raffaele Carboni

Amelia Betoche
Kathryn Betoche
John Lee Betoche
Jesse (Amedeo) Betoche
Louis (Luigi) John Betoche
Amalia Carboni
  • Born: 1880, Castel di Casio, Bologna, Italy
  • Married ABT 1900 to Joe (Giuseppe) Betoche
  • Died: ABT 1950s
  • Occupation: Housewife
  • Reference: Amalia Bettocchi Carboni

    pict119.jpg [144x193]
    Louise Corso & Amalia at Lake Hillsboro
    Betoche Family
    Betoche Family photo:
    (back row) Frank Borgon, Amalia Betoche (Joe's wife), Kate Betoche, Joe Betoche, Louis Betoche, and his wife Delores Harkey
    (front row) Jesse Betoche, John Betoche, Louis & Delores' children Trudy and Picky (Tootsie & Peggy?)
    Betoche Family (very old photo)
    Betoche Family (old photo):
    Louis, Joe, Amalia, Kate, Joe's father, Amelia, Jesse, John

    Amalia moved to Ladd, IL with 4 of her children in 1911 to be with Guiseppe who was already in America. Guiseppe paid for his wife and children to come to America.

    She moved to Hillsboro eventually and lived at 1043 Ecoles (School St.), first house on left. Burried at cemetery in Hillsboro (Catholic cemetery at west end of Tremont St.)

    5'1'' tall, dark hair/complexion/eyes.

    Lists Uncle Antonio Bettocchi as a relative in Italy, probably her husband's uncle or brother.

    The ship Amalia took to America was named La Provence: built in 1906 - torpedoed in the Mediterranean by a German U-boat; 930 lost on February 26, 1916.

    1930 Census:
    41B 77 68-20 3B Betoche Amalia Wife-H F W 50 Italy
    41B 76 68-20 3B Betoche Joe Head M W 50 Italy
    41B 78 68-20 3B Betoche Kathryn Daughter F W 17 Illinois

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