Betoche Carboni

Joe (Giuseppe) BetocheAmalia Carboni

Jesse (Amedeo) Betoche

f a m i l y
Amelia Betoche
Kathryn Betoche
John Lee Betoche
Louis (Luigi) John Betoche
Jesse (Amedeo) Betoche
  • Born: 10 Sep 1902, Italy
  • Married to Linda (Zelenda) Salsi
  • Died: 4 Nov 1993, Oakland, MI

    pict111.jpg [126x193]
    Jesse, John, Louis, & Joe (Giuseppe) Betoche
    Betoche Family
    Betoche Family photo:
    (back row) Frank Borgon, Amalia Betoche (Joe's wife), Kate Betoche , Joe Betoche, Louis Betoche, and his wife Delores Harkey
    (front row) Jesse Betoche, John Betoche, Louis & Delores' children Dorthy (Tootie) and Rosemary (Picky)
    Betoche Family (very old photo)
    Betoche Family (old photo):
    Louis, Joe, Amalia, Kate, Joe's father, Amelia, Jesse, John

    Came to America in 1911 at the age of 9. Dark hair/complexion/eyes.

    The ship Jesse took to America was named La Provence: built in 1906 - torpedoed in the Mediterranean by a German U-boat; 930 lost on February 26, 1916.

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