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The Borgon Name

Borgon derives from Borgognoni, which literally means "from Burgundy", a region in France known at the time for making armor & wine.  According to, the Bourguignonne (inhabitants of Burgundy, or Bourgogne) migrated to Bologna, Rome, and Ancona in the late 1300s in search of fertile land or refuge from persecution.  The name Bourguignonne evolved to Borgognoni because 1) in Italian, there are no dipthongs (two vowels together making one unique sound) for 'ou' or 'ui', so both were replaced with 'o's; 2) nonne (French plural) was changed to the Italian plural - noni.   According to, name variants include:  Borgon, Borgognon, Borgogno, Borgogna, Borgognini, Borgonon, Borgnon, Borgo, Borgnovi, Bourguignon.  



The earliest recorded Borgognoni - during the 1300s at the University of Bologna, Federico Borgognoni restored the use of the scalpel in the treatment of skin disorders (as opposed to cautery).  


Borgon Immigration to America

In February 1909 Giuseppe (Joe) Betoche (spelled 'Bettocchi' in the Ellis Island records), born in Castel di Casio, Bologna, Italy in 1880, immigrated to Ladd, IL on a ship named "La Provence".  He was going to join his sister-in-law, Raffaele Carboni, in Ladd, IL.  He had also visited America in 1905 (Birmingham, AL?).  


In May 1911 Amalia Carboni Betoche (31) of Castel di Casio, Bologna, Italy, came to America on "La Provence" with her 4 children Amelia (Ettore's wife) (10), Amedeo (Jesse) (9), Luigi (Louis) (5), & Giovanni (John Lee) (2).  Katherine Betoche was not yet born.  Giuseppe (Joe) paid for their voyage.  Their destination was Box 278, Granville, IL, a neighborhood 1 mile east of Mark, IL, where Frank Borgon was born in 1917 to Emilia & Ettore.  "La Provence" was refitted as the French Navy Auxiliary cruiser Provence II in 1914, & was torpedoed in the Mediterranean by a German U-boat; 930 lost on February 26, 1916.


In February 1912 Ettore Borgognoni (18), born in Castel di Casio, Bologna, Italy, came to America from Africa (where he had temporarily worked in the mines) and settled in Ladd, IL, 100 miles west of Chicago.  He stated he was going to join Pompea Borgognoni (his brother).  Here he worked in the coal mines.

Each name above can be found at, where an elarged version of the original ship manifest can be viewed.  


Borgon Settlement Map


The Borgons first settled in Northern Illinois, and eventually migrated south to find work in the mines of Hillsboro & Schram City (Kortkamp), where most of the children were born and raised.




Borgon Pictures

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Louise Corso & Amalia Carboni Betoche (Amelia Betoche Borgognoni's mother) at Lake Hillsboro.

Jesse, John, Louis, & Joe (Giuseppe) Betoche (Betoche).



Ettore Borgognoni & his wife Amelia Betoche

(back row) Frank Borgon,  Amalia Betoche (Joe's wife), Kate Betoche, Joe Betoche, Louis Betoche, and his wife Delores Harkey
(front row) Jesse Betoche, John Betoche, Louis & Delores' children Dorthy (Tootie) and Rosemary (Picky)

(right picture) Betoche family (Joe & Amalia in back).  Only known photo of Joe Bettochi's father (name unknown) sitting on the right.



Back:  Jesse Betoche, John Betoche, and Louis Betoche

Front:  Amelia Betoche Borgognoni, Joe Betoche, Amalia Betoche, Kathryn Betoche Lyerla


Joe and Amalia Betoche's 50th Wedding Anniversary, ~1950:

Back row (L to R): Joe Borgognoni, Norman Bone, unknown, Frank Borgon Sr. (my grandfather), unknown, Harold Lyerla, Ettore Borgognoni (my great-grandfather)
2nd row from back (L to R): unknown, Dolores Harkey, Velma Borgognoni, unknown, Peggy Betoche, Molly Borgon (my grandmother), unknown, Linda Salsi Betoche
Front row (adults, L to R): John Betoche, Louis Betoche, Amelia Betoche Borgognoni (my great-grandmother), Joe Betoche, Amalia Betoche, Jesse Betoche, Kathryn Betoche
Front row (kids, L to R): James Lyerla, Frank Borgon Jr. (my father), Kay Jeanne Lyerla, Michael Stephen Bone, Robert Borgon (my uncle)

(Thanks to Tony and Terry Liebscher)


A recent picture of the Borgon family (click to enlarge):

Back:  Bob, Heather, Frank, Maryann, Stephanie, Molly, Paul, Denise, Bob, Frank, Ron, Kristin, Todd, Drew

Front:  Sandra, Ron, Molly, Jennifer, Melanie



Borgon Family Tree


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Borgon Coat of Arms

According to, a coat of arms was awarded to a Borgognoni family of Bologna and is described as:

Gules, three dogs rampant argent, the first two affrontee; a chief azure, charged with a label of four pendant gules, between each pendant a fleur-de-lis ordinary.


Colors - red (gules) denotes fortitude.  In British arms, the Blue-on-Red would not be permitted (this is a "color on a color" and provides poor visual contrast).

Dogs - symbolize courage, vigilance, and loyalty.  Historically an "affrontee" beast was not often used because it would be indistinguishable on the battlefield.

Label (red line across the top) - indicates the wearer is the eldest son of the house.

Fleur-de-lis (3 red flowers) - can indicate the 6th son.   Found on the older Royal Flags of France. notes that many Italian families were divided among the Guelf and Ghibelline factions.  Guelfi and Ghibellini come from a dispute between two German families, the Hohenstaufen (lords of Weibelingen) and the Welfen, over the Imperial throne, between 1138 and 1234. This dispute ended in Germany but its repercussions continued in Italy. The two terms appeared there in 1218, and came to mean partisans of Italian freedom from foreign intervention, support of the Pope, and democratic institutions (Guelfi) versus partisans of the Emperor's participation in Italian affairs and strong central authority (Ghibellini). 

A charge associated with the Guelfs was "Azure three fleurs-de-lys or between the four points of a label gules" - which is very similar to our emblem.  



Frank & Molly Borgon:  My grandparents formed the foundation of these two trees by telling me every name they could remember, filling in occupations, adding stories, and providing photos.


Lena Guccini Borgognoni:  (Wife of Ezio Borgognoni, Ettore's cousin) Lena provided the entire Italian Borgononi tree and filled in the names of Ettore's parents, grandfather, and great grandfather.


Graham of  Graham provided information on the Borgognoni background, including the Borgognoni Coat of Arms.  This source helped me create the history of the Borgognoni name.


Betoche side - Thanks to Job Springer, Terry Liebscher, and Tony Liebscher for helping to fill in many gaps in the Betoche tree.