John St. Onge (Chene)Anne Claveleau r Pignac

Peter St. Onge dit Chene

f a m i l y
Children with:
Louisa Jane Bailly

Peter Chene dit LaButte
Peter St. Onge dit Chene
  • Born: 1654, Barbeyeaux diocese, Saintes, France
  • Married 29 Nov 1676, Montreal, Canada, to Louisa Jane Bailly
  • Occupation: Tailor at Longueuil. Married Louisa who was only 13.
  • Reference: Brøderbund Family Archive #118, Ed. 1, Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s - 1900s

    2nd wife Mary Moitie

    Children with Louisa Jane Bailley:
    Marie Chesne m. Jacques Godfroy
    Charles Chene m. Madelene Catherine Sauvage

    Descendents of Charles Chene:
    Ancestor of the modern day Chene family. Many decendants, so I've had to compress this area of the tree. Below I've followed one of many lineages.

    Mary Catherine Chene, Peter Chene, Infant Chene, Agatha Chene, Anthony Chene, Bonaventure Chene, Charles Chene Dit Caoussa, Leopold Chene, Isidore Chene, Theodore Becquet Chene, Anthony Ildephonse Chene

    Child 1) Leopold Chene: Captain of the Interpreters in Detroit, children with his two wives - one Ottawa, another Sautese

    Child 2) Charles Chene Dit Caoussa m. Mary Joseph Descomps Dit Labadie
    Mary Catherine Chene, Peter Charles Chene, Nicolas Chene, Charles Chene, Elisabeth Chene, Toussaint Chene, Gabriel Chene, Mary Joseph Chene, Agatha Chene

    Toussaint Chene m. Mary Theressa Campeau
    Josette Chene, Monica Chene, Theressa Chene, Margaret Chene, Toussaint Chene, Charles Chene, Rose Chene, George Chene, Petronilla Chene, Anthony Chene, Elisabeth Chene

    Therresa Chene m. Antoine Larabell
    Stephen (Drouillard) Larabell, Teresa Larabell, Anthony Larabell, Elizabeth Larabell, David Larabell, Joseph Larabell

    Child 1) David Larabell
    Marie Elizabeth Larabell, John Larabell, Josephine Larabell, David L. Larabell, Louis A. Larabell, Mary Larabell, Henry W. Larabell, Fredrick Larabell, George Larabell

    Child 2) Teresa Larabell m. Anthony Laviolette
    Mary Laviolette, Anthony Laviolette, Marie Laviolette, Mary Emily Laviolett, John Normandin, Baby Normandin

    Mary Emily Laviolett m. Louis Courier
    Mary Harriet Courier, Mary Emma Courier, Mary Alice Courier, Louis Herbert Courier, Mary Teresa (Tracy) Courier, Mary Elizabeth (Libbie) Courier, Edward Joseph Courier, George Alyosiuos Courier, Justine (Jessie) Courier, Napoleon Joseph (Paul) Courier

    Child 1) Edward Joseph Courier m. Jenett (Nettie) Felt
    Teresa Courier, Reuben Courier, Eva Courier

    Child 2) Mary Emma Courier m. Henry Reno
    Levi Reno, Archie Reno, Emma Reno

    Child 3) Mary Alice Courier m. Charles Parent
    Hubert Parent, Arthur Louis Parent, Edna Parent, Doris Parent, Francis Parent, June Parent

    Child 4) Mary Teresa (Tracy) Courier m. Engelbert Kohlman
    Margaret Kohlman, Julius Raymond Kohlman, Bernard Englebert (Dutch) Kohlman, Leo J. (Oley) Kohlman, Katherine Emily (Kate) Kohlman, Rosemary (Mary) Kohlman, Leonard A. Kohlman

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