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Peter Chene dit LaButteMarie Magdelene Roy

Peter Chene dit LaButte

f a m i l y
Children with:
Mary Ann Cuillerier dit Beaubien

Julian Chene dit LaButte
Peter Chene dit LaButte
  • Born: 23 May 1729, Detroit, MI
  • Married 10 Feb 1750, Detroit, MI, to Mary Ann Cuillerier dit Beaubien
  • Died: 5 Apr 1781, Detroit, MI

    Marie Catherine Chene dit LaButte
    Marie Lousa Angelica Chene m. Laurence Godet dit Marentette
    Cecilia Chene m. Jean Baptist Descomps Dit Labadie
    Alexis Louis Chene dit LaButte

    Marie Catherine:
    November 28: Assumption church of Pointe de Montreal du Detroit (Windsor, Ontario), marriage Charles de Fontenay de Quindre son Antoine Cesaire de Quindre and Francoise Marie Anne Picote Bellestre; married Marie Catherine Chene dit Labutte (1761-1787) daughter Pierre Chene and Marie Anne Cuillerier. Those who signed the register are: Jean Baptiste Leduc, Francois Dequindre, Charles Stanislaus, de Quindre, Catherine Lamorandiere de Quindre, Antoine Dequindre, Charles Gouin, Magdele Trottier, Marie Catherine Chene and Judith Gouin. Some suggest he is/was married to an Indian woman.

    Alexis Louis:
    10 Children (Chene):
    Born 1800-1817
    Judith, Alexis, Victoria, Teresa, Peter, Anastasia, Julian, Judith, Claude, Isador

    Cecila Chene:
    Jean Baptist Descomps Dit Labadie
    Archange Labadie (1 Jun 1799) m Benjamin Parent
    Elisabeth Parent (25 Mar 1829) m Ignace Dumouchelle
    Alfred Dumouchelle (1851-22 Sep 1932) m. Marie Clemence Langlois (4th cousins once removed) (father Benjamin Langlois, who's parents are Susanne Parent and Judith Gouin, both in the tree)
    Patrick Dumouchelle
    Clara Dumouchelle
    Charles Dumouchelle
    Mary Dumouchelle
    Selima Dumouchelle
    Jerome Dumouchelle
    Rose Dumouchelle
    Laura Dumouchelle
    Corrine Dumouchelle
    Helen Dumouchelle

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