Cesaire ArchambaultJosephine Chene

Arthur Nicholas DeWaeleHelen Archambault

Paul L DeWaele

f a m i l y
Children with:
Geraldine Hartz

Alice M DeWaele
Joseph Leo Sr. DeWaele
Arthur N. Jr DeWaele
Lorraine Philomen DeWaele

Paul DeWaele
Nancy DeWaele
Paul L DeWaele
  • Born: 20 Jan 1909, Bay City, MI
  • Married to Geraldine Hartz
  • Died: 4 Jan 1963, died from a heart attack at 53
  • Occupation: Doctor, Major Medical Corps in World War II

    pict196.jpg [133x193]
    DeWaele family, 1908 (Helen is pregnant with Paul)
    Lorraine, Alice, Paul, & Joe
    Lorraine, Paul, Alice, & Joe

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