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Boyd Badour

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Children with:
Lillian Morris

Alice Eline Badour
Larry Badour
Philameon Badour
Laura Badour
Mable M. Badour
Devere Badour
Abraham Badour

Sonny Badour
June Badour
Boyd Badour
  • Married Abt 1922, Unknown, to Lillian Morris
  • Died: 27 Mar 1926, Detroit, MI
  • Occupation: Police Officer in Detroit, murdered while on duty

    At least 5 Siblings.

    John Arthur Thorne writes:

    We have an old (1926?) Detroit Free Press front page story featuring the heroics of policeman Boyd Badour in confronting several killers of a street car conductor. Boyd was mortally wounded, and received the highest honor ever given to a police officer to that time. Pictures of both his mother (Delphine) and little daughter (Alice) are also shown in that news article.

    Did find a short Bay City Times article on Boyd Badour's death. It's not dated, but I recall the timeframe as 1926. Titled "Wounds Fatal To Detroit Officer. Boyd Badour, Formerly of this City, Died Sunday Morning."

    "Boyd Badour, a Detroit patrolman and resident of Bay City until four years ago when he married Miss Lilian Morris, of this City, died Sunday morning at receiving hospital from bullet wounds suffered in a battle with negroes in a gambling house at 2036 St. Aubin, the evening of March 27."
    "Mr. Badour was shot with his own gun after it had been knocked from his hand. He had entered the place in search of two men who were wanted for the murder of Leroy Coble, conductor on a Detroit City street car. He found a dozen or more negroes gambling and was attacked when he attempted to put them under arrest."
    "During the battle that followed, one of the negroes recovered the weapon and fired six shots at the officer. Three of the bullets struck him, one lodging in the abdomen, another in the right leg, and a third in the right hand."
    " Surviving are his wife, two children, June and Junior, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Badour, of Omer, four sisters and one brother. Funeral arrangements will probably be held Thursday from the residence, 3792 Bewick Avenue, Detroit. Mrs. Badour is the sister of Mrs. George Leske, 2103 Van Buren street

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