Cesaire ArchambaultJosephine Chene

Abraham BadourDelphine Archambault

Laura Badour

f a m i l y
Children with:
Henry Zedar

Alice Eline Badour
Larry Badour
Philameon Badour
Boyd Badour
Mable M. Badour
Devere Badour
Abraham Badour

Daniel Zedar
Laura Badour
  • Born: Abt 1895, MI
  • Married Unknown, Unknown, to Henry Zedar
  • Reference: Patricia Glendenin

    John Arthur Thorne writes:

    The Delphine tree cleared up a mystery for me. My mother (Lorraine DeWaele Thorne) had a 1st cousin (Laura Zeder) who visited often. Although Laura was 18 years older, they were close friends. I never knew the connection til now. Laura was one of Great Aunt Phene's daughters! Laura married Henry Zeder (an auto pioneer), who was an original with the Chrysler Corp., and one of its early executives. Zeder Motor Sales (on Saginaw and 6th St. in Bay City) was owned by them, and run by their son, Dan. I remember Dan only had one eye, apparently as result of a tomato fight when he was a youngster. Also, I grew up/ went to Catholic School with the Robb kids, not knowing we were "shirt tail" relations.

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