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Jacques Archambault

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Children with:
Francoise Tourault

Laurent Archambault
Jacques Archambault
  • Born: 1604, Ladilliere a Dompierre-sur-Mer, Ev. La Rochelle, Aunis, France
  • Married 24 Jan 1629, Chantonnay, La Roche-sur-Yon, Vendée, France, or Dompierre sur Mer, Aunis, France, to Francoise Tourault
  • Died: 15 Feb 1688, Montreal
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    In 1647, Jacques rented a farm in Quebec. Between 1651 and 1653 his family seems to have alternated between Montreal and Quebec. The family was in Montreal during the terrible summer of 1651. Jacques barely escaped the massacre. Their son Denis was killed that summer by the cannon which he was getting ready for the third blow against the Iriquois. With his son-in-law Urban Tessier, Jacques Archambault was chosen among those to defend the s tronghold known as "l'Enfant Jesus" in Montreal. This small fort was situated at the extremit y of Tessier's grant. Its defenders, who were also its propietors, were responsible for its being guarded 24 hours a day.
    In 1678, when Jacques was 74 years old, his three sons-in-law and his son Laurant granted a l ife pension to him "a septuagenarian and quite unable to workand to earn his living and clothing, for the natural friendship they bear him, as they always have." He died 10 years later.

    Marie Archambault
    Marie Louise Archambault
    Denis Archambault
    Jacquette Archambault m. Paul Chalifou

    Children of Jacquette & Paul:
    Françoise Chalifou m. Jacques Nolin
    Louise Nolin m. Pierre Joncas
    Louise Joncas m. Jean Fournier
    Louise Fournier m. Louis Paré
    Marie-Geneviève Paré m. Augustin Mercier
    Marie-Reine Mercier m. Guillaume Lemieux
    Guillaume Lemieux m. Élisabeth Campagna
    Marie-Rosalie Lemieux m. Magloire Labrecque
    Anne (Anna) Labrecque m. Alphonse-de-Liguori Rodrigue
    Gérard-Roland Rodrigue m. Gaëtane Rioux
    Réal Rodrigue (living)

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