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Cesaire ArchambaultJosephine Chene

Delphine Archambault

f a m i l y
Children with:
Abraham Badour

George Archambault (Brown)
Joseph Archambault
Alice (Eloise) Archambault
Minnie Archambault
Helen Archambault

Alice Eline Badour
Larry Badour
Philameon Badour
Laura Badour
Boyd Badour
Mable M. Badour
Devere Badour
Abraham Badour
Delphine Archambault
  • Born: 15 Mar 1871, Belle Riviere, Ontario, Canada
  • Married 12 Mar 1887, Bay City, MI, to Abraham Badour
  • Died: 7 Dec 1946, Michigan

    pict11.jpg [91x124]
    Joseph, Helen, & Delphine Archambault
    Helen, Delphine, & Alice Archambault

    Delphine Archambault - our first Internet hit! Since the arrival of this website a great granddaughter of Delphine - Patricia Malon - has contacted us to help fill in gaps in our family tree!

    John Arthur Thorne writes:
    I vaguely remember Aunt Phene (Delphine) visiting us at my grandmother's (Helen) in Bay City during WW 2. I recall a picture (which my sister may have) of the three sisters (Delphine, Alice and Helen) sitting in that Madison Street (Bay City) back yard. We also have an old (1926) Detroit Free Press front page story featuring the heroics of (her son) policeman Boyd Badour in confronting several killers of a street car conductor. Boyd was mortally wounded, and received the highest honor ever given to a police officer to that time. Pictures of both his mother (Delphine), wife (Lillian) and little daughter (June) are also shown in that news article.


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